Robust lighting that is lightweight and flexible.

Together with Carpetlight, the specialist for professional lighting solutions, we have succeeded in developing unique and innovative lighting systems based on textiles. By combining e-broidery® technology with the latest generation of LEDs and a specially developed passive cooling system, Carpetlight is able to offer professional lighting systems of any size and shape with a light quality and brightness that is unique in the world.

Our lamps are not only extremely flexible and adaptable, but also foldable, crumpleable and rollable. They can be hung, draped or adjusted as required to meet any lighting requirement. These robust lighting systems are not only used in the security sector, but also in the film and television industry as high-quality lighting systems.

The long-standing and successful partnership between Carpetlight and FRTI is characterized by the flexibility and sustainability of the collaboration. We continuously focus on technical innovations in order to open up new areas of application and always offer our customers first-class solutions.