High-quality textile and flexible pressure measurement system.

In collaboration with our partner Sensomative, we have developed a high-quality measuring system that records, displays and evaluates the print data in a simple and user-friendly way. The innovative textile pressure measuring mat is thin, light and flexible thanks to its textile structure.

People who have to remain in one position for a long time due to restricted mobility (e.g. in a wheelchair) are at greater risk of pressure sores (pressure ulcers). The often very painful wound on the skin occurs when the skin tissue is damaged due to prolonged pressure and friction against a surface.

The measuring system is specially designed for wheelchair cushions and ensures that the seat pressure is continuously and precisely monitored. If the pressure measured is too high over a longer period of time, the person can be repositioned and the pressure point relieved. This innovation makes life easier for wheelchair users and promotes their health at the same time.